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In the dynamic realm of Social Media Promotion, our quest is to amplify the resonance of our brand. We seek a virtuoso adept at orchestrating a symphony of five distinct posts across each social media citadel, orchestrating a crescendo of engagement.

This maestro of digital landscapes must not only wield the power to compose compelling content but also possess the finesse to curate and refine, sculpting narratives that reverberate across platforms. From the rhythmic beats of TikTok to the grandeur of Facebook, the succinct tweets on Twitter, the captivating visuals on Instagram, and the cerebral impact on Google, we entrust this virtuoso to navigate the diverse terrains with finesse, creating a kaleidoscope of engagement that defies predictability.

Social Media Promotion

Compensation:PKR 50,000/month
Project Type:Work From Home
Minimum Hours Per Day:5 Hours
Last dateFeb 28, 2024

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