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  • Creativity and innovation are a must for this graphic designer position.
  • Time management related to deadlines is an indispensable part of this position.
  • Must possess critical thinking, emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills.
  • Must be able to create a logo, company profile, brochure, flyer, lookbook, booklet, catalog, social media posts, letterhead, business card & certificate etc.
  • Create effective designs, colors and layouts for each graphic which are clear in visual communication.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with team members is a must.
  • Empathy and user-centric approach with adaptability and flexibility for our collaborative team member is an added advantage.

We Offer:

  • Most flexible working conditions.
  • Selected candidate will work remotely.
  • You will have to complete total 25 projects in a month.
  • At leat 1 project per day

You will be paid PKR 30,000/- + Bonus (min. PKR 5000/-) upon completion of your final project.

These are the last but not the least for highly creative professionals.

You can double or simply exceed this limit of projects to get more.

But this should not affect your creativity at all.

Selection Criteria:

CV (covering your technical skills and completion of projects)

Educational & Technical Certificates

Compensation:PKR 35,000/fixed
Compensation Details:Salary + Bonus
Project Type:Work From Home
Minimum Hours Per Day:No Minimum Hour
Last dateMar 11, 2024
Posting Date:Feb 12, 2024

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